Wexford Opera Festival

The internationally renowned Wexford Opera Festival represents one of the biggest draws of the Wexford calendar, as visitor from all over the world come to feast their eyes and ears on the rare opera pieces selected to be performed in the recently built ‘Wexford Opera House’, and to enjoy the general art and music based festival atmosphere that takes over the entire town. Cafes become art galleries, churches become recital rooms, pubs become music venues and regardless of one’s interest in the opera, there is guaranteed to be an exhibition or a performance to draw you in.

Wexford Opera House

The newly renovated Wexford Opera House

Whether you are a performer,  production staff or a visitor to Wexford during the Opera Festival, The Rosslare Beach Villas could be an ideal option for your accommodation needs.

  • At just 15 Km from the opera house, visitors can enjoy the calm of the beach and the ocean, while still being just 20 minutes drive from the action.
  • The train, which runs 4 services to and from Wexford town daily, can keep you connected with the festival without the need to drive.
  • If traveling in groups larger than 2, a stay with us will more than likely represent better value than a stay at one of the local hotels.

Please contact us for further information about our rates & accommodation.

Further information about the Opera Festival can be found on their official website, while the details of the other events that are run concurrently to the festival can be found on the Wexford Fringe Festival website.